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Meet the team

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Tony Lund


Tony has decades of experience as an engineer and consultant, and has worked extensively on projects in Australia, Africa, and Europe. In the process, he has founded and managed several successful consulting businesses across the globe. Now, Tony is turning his attention to solving the problem of plastic waste through innovation, clever design, and eco-friendly principles.

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Aleksandar Marinković


Aleksandar is one of Serbia’s leading plastics experts and has owned and managed his own plastics company for several years. Alongside Tony, Aleksandar is the brains and inspiration behind Eco Plastics’ designs and vision.  

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Tai Chow Sing


Chow is a plastics expert from Malaysia with a degree in Chemistry from the University of Kent in the United Kingdom. Before joining the Eco Plastics team, Chow established and directed Minipogon, a Belgrade-based project that transforms plastic waste into everyday items like bowls, tiles, and clocks. Chow is working on R & D projects for Eco Plastics and is designing and building several of our machines.

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Sanja Šupljeglav


Sanja is a civil engineer in training who specialises in roads, rails, and airports. She is part of the innovation and prototyping team at Eco Plastics.

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Stevan Pantelić


Stevan is a hydrotechnical engineer with a particular interest in sustainable building and removing waste from the world’s waterways. At Eco Plastics, Stevan works in research and development, building and testing our prototype products.  


Ivana Todorović


Ivana is an economist with extensive experience in guiding new businesses through the startup process. She has also worked as an evaluator for European funding calls, which has given her in-depth knowledge of what's required to make a business proposal stand out. Ivana's work was crucial in securing Eco Plastics funding for R&D and a role in the upPE-T consortium as part of the EU's Horizon 2020 program.  


Mina Jevtić


Mina is the graphic designer behind Eco Plastics’ visual identity, web presence, and social media campaigns. She also works with our laser-engraver to create awesome promo materials and other products made of wood and plastics.

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Nick Johns-Wickberg


Nick is a writer and content specialist from Melbourne, Australia, who moved to Belgrade in 2016. His keen interest in environmental protection and sustainable building led him to Eco Plastics, where he creates web and social media content.

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Vesna Živojinović


Vesna is a geologist by trade who has also taken on a range of administrative roles at Eco Plastics. She's in charge of arranging many of Eco Plastics' day-to-day tasks and taking care of the finer details.

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