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upPE-T (EU Horizon 2020 project)


As part of the EU’s Horizon 2020 program, Eco Plastics has the honour of participating in upPE-T, a consortium of 20 public institutions, universities, and private businesses located throughout Europe. The upPE-T consortium will work together to improve the rate and efficiency of recycling food and drink packaging in Europe, which will then have a flow-on effect to other parts of the world.   


Eco Plastics’ role in this project involves sorting and classifying plastic waste products, then identifying which ones are suitable for enzymatic biodegradation. Those that aren’t will be upcycled into our high-quality construction materials. For our role in upPE-T, Eco Plastics will receive funding from the European Union.

Construction Pre-Planning

Construction division

The team behind Eco Plastics believes decent housing is a human right, not a privilege. That’s why we’re committed to a construction method that brings the solution out to remote communities that might otherwise struggle to manage their waste and build high-quality dwellings.


Eco Plastics has designed and will establish mobile construction units that are housed in shipping containers. These containerised units can be transported practically anywhere and include all the equipment needed to upcycle local communities’ waste into our construction products. Thanks to this method, structures can be built almost entirely on-site using only locally sourced materials, thus reducing the burden of waste in the community and minimising the carbon footprint of the construction process.  


Bullet proof boats

With efficient recycling processes, we can use waste plastics to make extremely strong, lightweight boats that don’t rust or require any maintenance. These boats will be built from HDPE, making them practically bulletproof. 


Using plastics to build boats is a no-brainer. High-quality plastics are lightweight, incredibly strong, heat-resistant, and they don’t rust, which makes them perfect for the water. There are already other companies making amazing plastic boats with all these properties. The difference is that we’ll be doing all that using recycled plastics.

People in Park

Čistiji gradovi, parkovi

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Eco Plastics makes use of plastics and other materials that would otherwise pollute our landscape and waterways, removing harmful waste from the environment for decades, not months. 


Only a small fraction of the waste produced every day gets recycled; the rest ends up in landfill or polluting our waterways. At Eco Plastics, we’re finding innovative ways to make use of that waste and remove it from the environment permanently. In particular, we’re focusing on removing plastic waste from Serbia’s rivers.  


Everything we do is based on the principle that we only have one planet, so we need to take care of it. 

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